Subtle Style Everywhere

Style is Brewing (592x800)I find myself at a favorite stop this morning.  Perfect for creative writing and inspiration.

I know the coffee is brewed… strong, the aroma…bold, the color…dark, and the service…courteous.

The aroma transfixes me in time.  It always does.  

The woman asks my preference of cup. “A ceramic mug, please.”  It allows me to feel more civilized!

I sit in a cozy chair, perfect for writing and observing.  

There is a woman sitting opposite with a stylish short haircut in peacock blue!

I love the surprise and impromptu inspiration!  I compliment her hair.                                                 I look at her bold color style choice and, for a moment, think my hair could use a color shake up!

 She is the third person I have seen this week with creatively colored hair in peacock!  Is that a trend??  Happily, I have my own style choice… a black newsboy style cap.  My version of creative style.    #styleintegrity 

The girls next to me are talking about the ‘bolder chai.’  

The gentleman beyond them is reading a newspaper.  I can smell the fresh ink and reminisce of childhood morning ‘aromas‘ of fresh newsprint and strong coffee.

These subtle style observations reaffirm all is right with the day.

Style Integrity Can Be Found in the Subtlest Places.


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