Styled to Perfection

Businessman Buttoning SleeveAs he leans in to welcome me, I see the French blue dress shirt collar highlighted against his neck first. 

The stylish dress shirt collar point flatters his neck length. As he turns to hug me I see how well the dress shirt fits his 6′ 2″ physique.  

As others gather into the entry for the dinner party, I watch how the well placed sleeve cuffs land at his wrist as he embraces each guest warmly.

His fragrance mingles in the air complementing the savory smells coming from his kitchen, his domain.

His wife, always the hostess, wine glass in hand as she moves from guest to guest, wears a fitted ivory peplum sweater, slim black pants, paired with a slender multicolored scarf wrapped around her neck as if a necklace of colorful jewels.  

No one is allowed in his domain while his sculpted hands deftly put finishing touches to the food.

This charismatic host chef, always in his element-his own chef’s island, never boasts of his creations.  Yet the passion comes through in the enthusiastic tone as he describes each creation. The preparation and presentation of the meal is an orchestrated series of colors and herbs arranged on stylish platters, in a treasured feast . 

The meals are always the center piece, yet, there is always ambiance to the entire meal.  The contemporary lighting hanging above the buffet places the food front and center.  The lively chatter of ‘oohs & ahhs’ mingle between his evening’s selected playlist.

This chef stays in the background, watching all the guests enjoy his food.  He always eats last.  Humbly, he receives compliments. More important to this chef, is the ease, comfort and pleasure he sees among his guests as they indulge in the evening’s feast.


Style is a treasure of colors, flavors and celebration!


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