Style Is Ageless

Ageless Style (600x800)Style may keep you warm, in the right clothes.  

Given that the Fall 2015 Fashion Week runway shows are finishing out today, I should be speaking about something timely to the fabulous collections.  Not today.  Look for that next week.

Today, something more important generates spirited heat….Ageless Style.    #styleintegrity

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2015 Women’s collection (this should be enjoyed by my male viewers also!) ‘Got My Attention’ by his runway collection.  And guess what, the clothing collections were not what first got my attention!!  The models…of all ages!!

Instant smile!  Instant Spark!  Instant Customer Engagement!

I wanted to cheer out loud…alas, Starbucks patrons would not have gotten my thrill!

The pure fun, light hearted-ness, and surprise made my view of the collection that much more memorable!  Yes, there were pieces that ‘Got My Attention’ as pins to my Style Integrity Pinterest boards.  

That was secondary to my enjoyment!  

Here is the link to the Spring 2015 collection thumbnails.  This should earn a warm smile on this day covered in white stuff!!

Style Integrity is Ageless!


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