Fashion Enters With Attention

Oscar StyleThis Morning belonged to fashion!     #styleintegrity

Just on the tail of the NYC Fall 2015 Fashion Week…

…Another ‘visual runway of creative expression’ called attention to designers.

Social Media has been full of ‘On the Oscar Red Carpet’ recaps last night.

For me, the red carpet show is more a game of observation.

I watch who is enjoying the thrill of the evening…

Who wants to be seen…

Who is making a presence…

Who is expressive in the borrowed designer’s creation…

…even Who is ‘wearing the ensemble’ versus the ensemble ‘wearing’ them.

Yes, there were show stopper creations worn by Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.  The entertainer in both of them handled the way ‘the dresses wore them.’

.Jennifer LopezOscars Red Carpet Photos 2015 - Slideshow

There were other evening ensembles I noticed for their full affect, in Style.  

Since our industry is one of subjective interpretation my choices may not be what others may deem ‘standouts.’

My choices were based on the overall style captured by both the designer’s eye & the pure enjoyment by the celebrity.  

Where artistry and style meet to create a smile for this observer-that is my interpretation!

Remember, some of ‘what got my attention‘ was the back view.  We all must ‘Enter Memorably‘, no matter where our runway takes us.

My Style Integrity Pinterest Oscars Red Carpet Board has more looks from last night.

Oscars Red Carpet Photos 2015 - SlideshowMarion Cotillard

Oscars Red Carpet Photos 2015 - Slideshow

Oscars Red Carpet Photos 2015 - Slideshow


Style Integrity found on the Red Carpet!


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