Style-Clothes Talk Alot

Style TalkingClothes do a lot of talking.  Are they saying what you want them to?               #styleintegrity

Ill-fitting clothes do not fit your own life.  Your clothes should tell your story.

Facial expressions can be found on your clothes. Think about it.

  • Seams straining…to be heard. The garment needs to be set free to find the right size.
  • Wrinkles-frowning….you are unhappy with the look.  You haven’t found what you are looking for. Try another label that suits your body shape.
  • Crows feet-smile lines…The length of your story is too long or too short.  The size of your ‘story’ does not ‘rise’ to the occasion.
  • Strain across the bust line…between sizes, between decisions.  A smooth line means a well meaning story.
  • Buttocks-If seat is baggy…it’s hard to find you.  If the waistline drops when moving/bending…you are telling us too much.
  • Sleeves-Too long, your story is going past your reach.  Too short…you have not finished what you want to say.

Men or women, the clothes talk the same language…  

If one’s gaze goes to the part not fitting, you are not being heard the way you want to.

Style Always Has Something to Say…Listen Closely!


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