Slight of Style

 Style & BeautyDo you find yourself gazing down at your hands in the middle of a task or motion and freeze?   #styleintegrity

At the most inopportune times I find myself glancing at the shape of my hands, the new shape of my long piano fingers, and I am startled by whose hands they might be! 

Do you stare at the hands and fingers staring back at you and wonder whose hands they are? 

My hands have always been one of my assets. 

Throughout my years I have received endless compliments on my hands.  Friends would always call attention to them; some would present me gifts of hand lotions and treatments to ensure that my hands always remained as beautiful as they would say.

Life experiences can’t help but show in our hands.  I admit it; I am vain about my hands.  As a part of my body that was always showered with flattery I am sometimes surprised by their appearance.  

Though most days I am too busy to be conscious of the look, shape and coloring of my hands, there are, surprisingly, other days where I admire these same hands! 

For I know these hands have molded, created, finessed, and shaped my journey, my experiences, my adventures.  I have held so many fascinating memories in these hands; created many designs, touched many treasures, lifted many spirits, and held onto many loves.

 So, yes, I am still startled by my hands, but also comforted by these same hands that have helped me hold strong to all the dreams and artistic creations I am intent on visualizing!


…I first featured this post on a previous blog “Observations from the 50th Floor.”  I felt it was time to re-post it after seeing the number of Fall 2015 Women’s runway models with their sleeves extending beyond the etiquette standard for sleeve lengths.

As I study the design looks I wonder… ‘What is the designer suggesting?’  ‘What is the inspiration for covering one’s hands?’  

As a a continual observer of everyday style and fit, when I see clothing that hangs off one’s shoulders, and over the wearer’s hands, I wonder what they are hiding.  

Featuring runway designs in this manner may have an intention for theatrics, however, it lands squarely as a ‘missed’ first impression for the consumer who does so.  


I recently watched a man walk into a function I was also attending.  

He strode with a command and presence you cannot miss.  The long cashmere overcoat in a color I would describe as a golden camel.  Gorgeous coat.  The coat wore him, not the other way around.  The shoulders were too big on him.  The sleeve hems partially hid his hands.  Based on a person’s body shape and proportion, the coat length extended too far. I thought his tailor did not advise him properly on the overall silhouette fit. 

 Everyone has their unique style, beauty and silhouette…It is all in your hands.

Style Integrity Highlights One’s Beauty.


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