A Well-Fitting Suit Can Really Turn My Head

Style in a well-made suitA well fitting men’s suit is a thing of beauty.                 #styleintegrity

When I run my hands along the lines of a suit they should caress the man wearing it, moving fluidly with every swing of his arms.

The sight of a man in a well-fitting, well-made suit sends instant chills down my spine. 

It is music to me. 

My heart races.   The rush to my head creates an ocean’s roar pounding in my ears. 

I catch myself staring at the suit, the man, the beauty of it all. 

Admittedly, sometimes I cannot keep my hands to myself. 

Before I know it, I am touching the beautifully constructed shoulders admiring the shoulder slope and sleeve setting.

I run my hand along the man’s back seeking out the gorgeous collar height intimately curved along his neck. 

I circle around this wondrous creation in a quest for the lapel roll. 

The lapel falls between my fingers as I glide along the roll feeling the artisan’s work to my finger’s touch.  The weightlessness belies the mastery of the tailor’s craftsmanship hidden within.  Smiling I send my hand grazing across the chest.  My palm senses the layers of canvas beneath, molded and shaped to this man’s silhouette. 

Never letting my hand leave this masterpiece I move to the sleeve. 

Sighing, my hand runs down the exquisitely mastered sleeve as it shapes to the arm’s bend.  I reach the cuff, toying with the keyhole buttonholes. The crisp dress shirt cuff hints at the well placed hem finish to the wrist.

Begrudgingly, I tear myself free from this creation with a satiated smile. 

There is nothing better than a man in a stylish, well-made, well-fitting suit to turn my head.

Style Shapes Every Silhouette with Integrity.



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