Lanvin’s Heritage in Style

Style Legacy LanvinA Designer’s Heritage…The ultimate compliment to the designer’s legacy is the artistic interpretation a successor creates to ensure the original designer is kept impeccably honored.                                #styleintegrity

In reviewing Lanvin’s Fall 2015 Women’s RTW collection I honed in to the creative details to find Jeanne Lanvin’s original concept within the garments designed today.

I enjoy history.  I love learning…observing, and nothing is more satisfying than immersing myself in the actual story of someone who lived and made a difference during their lifetime.  We all look to achieve that.

Lanvin’s collection prompted me to do a Google search for ‘Lanvin’s Heritage.’ 

Under the website, I found a link to ‘Lanvin Heritage.’ There lay a treasure of history, inspiration by the designer(her daughter was her muse), how her legacy has endured for 125 years, and links to current design directors for the Lanvin House.  After absorbing every bit of history to learn more of who Jeanne Lanvin was, I clicked on Alber Elbaz.

Alber’s obvious respect and regard for maintaining Lanvin’s design legacy throughout the YouTube video inspired me as it was meant to.

I believe in designer’s with a story.  As a creative artist it is of utmost importance to carry on offering our client the best of ourselves.  

Take the time to click through the various Lanvin links.  You will understand why I am so focused on highlighting style, design and artistry successes on my Pinterest.  They each earned a place there, for a reason.  “What Got My Attention” is my way to continue honoring art. 

Lanvin RTW Fall 2015 | WWDLanvin Pre-Fall 2015 - Collection - Gallery -

SPRING/SUMMER 2015 - Lanvin #InStyle Like dress back view.

Style Must Create a Legacy of Art.


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