What’s In A (Design) Name

color lit styleStyle Integrity…Ralph Lauren….Chanel…Oscar de la Renta…Fashion Institute of Technology…. Balenciaga…Patchy Cake Eater….?!      #styleintegrity

What’s in a Name

Spoken by Romeo, Romeo & Juliet, Act 2 Scene 2

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


As we are all quite familiar with Shakespeare’s famous quotes from Romeo & Juliet, there is “beauty in a name.”  

Some above brand names are certainly iconic.  

So, in my expectation, the products/services should reflect the integrity or style perceived.

Years ago, as part of the Ralph Lauren Men’s Design team, I was tasked with coming up with garment label name ideas for the seasonal design collections.  Each name reflected the Ralph Lauren brand lifestyle while making sure they met legal requirements.

….Perhaps my principles sway my own interpretation on a company’s brand name.  

Yet, it is clearly understood in the fashion industry, that the design name is part of the brand character.  


So when I came across ‘Patchy Cake Eater’ designs on the Fall 2015 RTW Tokyo Fashion Week runway, I envisioned what the creative design style might be before I even glanced at the garments.  

RTW clothing is created with the intention that a market exists for each designer’s efforts.

As you, my readers know, I review and absorb each design creation to ascertain whether it meets my ‘Style Integrity’ criteria-artistry, workmanship, style, and fit/proportion.  

One Patchy Cake Eater ensemble got pinned as a ‘Pinterest‘ addition to my Men’s Fall 2015 Style Integrity boards. I found the pant silhouette and fit complemented the model body shape.

What’s in a name, that smelled so sweet?…let’s be on the lookout for who is next!

Patchy Cake Eater RTW Fall 2015

What’s in a Name…Style Integrity!



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