I’ve Got Spring Fever!

escapetheordinaryStep aside boots, winter coats, and layers of bundled warmth….Time to let the colorful Spring clothes breeze on in.. #styleintegrity

Spring has officially arrived.

Can you hear the tunes in your head as you dance around choosing something to wear that hints at the colors bursting from inside your heart!  

My eyes move as if the clothes are on IPod shuffle mode!

Imagine opening a closet conveyor.  

A flick of the switch set to high spin… the clothes fly in a blur of color.  

You reach in and just grab wondering what splash ensemble you can create on the fly.  

The trick of the game is to see if you are bold enough to wear what made it into your grasp!  Kind of fun and imaginative.  Some days require you just ‘shake it up!’

Do something to shake up your day.  “Escape the Ordinary.”

"Escape the ordinary."

Style Integrity…Color & Imagination Make A Day Extraordinary!


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