Style & Beauty = Unique Voice

StyleBeauty (800x428)Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…the one looking in the mirror.     #styleintegrity

I see beauty and style everywhere.  

I got into the fashion business by way of my own mirror.  Entering high school a Girls size 7…yes, girls, I faced firsthand what so many young girls do…concern about my looks.  Afterall, who wants to show up in kids clothes!

Back then I took home economics class. Learning to sew was mandatory.  Age 13 can be remembered as my year of authenticity.  It was the year the artist in me began to speak.  My voice, my own clothing designs started coming fast and furiously.  I ran the sewing machine into the night so I would have a new “one-of-a-kind” outfit for school the next day.

The idea soon hit first, with my sisters, and then caught on with others, that they could wear something uniquely made for them.  From there launched my career of making countless amount of clothing.  

Now, throughout a successful design career, I fondly remember how that 13 year old girl got it right.                  She listened to her own voice.  She held onto her own unique persona…proudly held her own individuality and authenticity for all to see.


I recently was approached by organizers of a local non-profit to lend my design expertise to create dresses for a program concept they held very dearly to their heart.  

In many parts of the world, young girls are taken from their homes and forced into sex trafficking.  These organizers learned that there are programs created where dresses are made for the girls, then hand carried to their community.  The formality of presenting these dresses personally signals to the traffickers that they are affiliated with a program, so they leave them alone

Imagine a dress saving a girl’s life!  Suddenly, the cache of having someone wearing a ‘Saxby Design’ no longer holds the appeal.  What better way for a designer to offer their art than to humbly create something that would save a life.

I have already turned a corner on my own mission to re-imagine clothing design in a more stylish, authentic and valuable way.  The artistry of well made, well designed clothing is to watch how one feels when wearing a properly fitting garment.  

Fashion is to showcase one’s value, self-respect and belief in their own worthiness every day.                              As designers we must create clothing we are proud of, that gives us a tingle when we see how someone looks and feels wearing our designs.

Torn jeans, unfinished/raw edged seams, sloppy construction certainly do not give our consumers the impression we value.


What better way to get the message across than the recent Dove social media campaign.  #ChooseBeautiful !!  

Style Integrity….Seeing the Work of Art in Everyone!


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