Men’s Style Luxury

Elegance Style RememberedYou have heard me say often, nothing is more appealing than a man with a style that clearly defines him.  #styleintegrity

It is the combination of understanding one’s body shape, silhouettes that work for one’s overall proportion, and quality of style. I enjoy seeing fashionable style on men just as much as I enjoy the women’s styles.

Currently, men are ‘suiting up‘ with more care and awareness to what it means for timeless fashion, quality workmanship and the etiquette of correct design details.  

I am thrilled to see attention to style, artistry and even for some, bespoke tailoring.

The sites, blogs, twitter accounts, magazines, and even an understanding of the business attire etiquette give the male consumer/client/guest advisement in an appealing way to ‘Enter Memorably….confidently & stylishly.’

Recently, I have been brainstorming project ideas with three male creative professionals who are interested in strengthening their creative community for social good, with collaborative efforts between their distinct interests.

They each carry themselves in their own style, passionately pursuing unique storytelling voices.

We were all present at a function recently.  As I observed each of them engaging with others, I wondered if they saw what I saw- their own style showcased by the difference they desire to make.  In this era of collaboration and connection, style is synonymous with integrity….thus my blog title.

Integrity in style, artistry, and craftmanship… is why the following Twitter accounts get my attention.  Showcasing the unique style of a man, and the effortless difference he makes everyday. 










Below are selections from my Spring 2015 Menswear Pinterest | Style Integrity boards. 

Berluti | Spring 2015 Menswear Collection | Great overall look and color combo.

Valentino Men's RTW Spring 2015 - Slideshow Like jacket workmanship and color.

Gentlemen's Sport - My Faves From The Hackett London Summer 2015 Collection

#Menswear #Trends Oliver Spencer Fall Winter 2015 Otoño Invierno #Tendencias #Moda Hombre   T.F.

Bally Fall 2015 Menswear - Collection - Gallery -

There are lots of choices for men to voice their style.  

While you are making a difference everyday, make sure your style is making a difference too.  

Is it saying what you want it to?!

Style Integrity….Men Passionately Making a Difference!


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