Now Showing…The Many Style Sides of You

How Style Dreams-Timeless many of you start each day thinking….               #styleintegrity

Now starring in a new performance….                             

The thrill of showing “Who I am”,..or Who I want to be‘ today can be palpable!

I wake each day letting my dreams guide me.  I feel the colors, the clothing images that come to me in the dreams.  And yes, they do.

Sometimes the colors are prominent…

Sometimes the setting…or the clothing silhouettes, design details, fabric textures, accessories/footwear-

even the people or event itself.

Sure there is symbolism along with the imagery.  Yet, I wake each morning inspired!  Once upon a time I would sketch out the idea and then stay up throughout the night to put the garment together for the next day.

Those days of ‘all-nighters’ are behind me.  Yet, the desire to wear a new Saxby Design creation is not.

“Dream a little dream of me!”

How many of you are familiar with theses lyrics?  To satisfy my curiosity, I wanted to see who had performed the lyrics.   Below are three very artistic versions.

Ella Fitzgerald

Mamas & Papas

Michael Buble’

Why wondering about the different artists….because one song, sung in a different creative style, each styled to a different listening audience.

Just like one clothing design ensemble…

How the design details or silhouette length could be re-imagined could extend to multiple listeners(consumers).  I design each garment knowing various components could be re-imagined for a completely different client.  

Afterall, we all have our own style….so we should dream a little more to envision each consumer’s story.

Style Integrity…Now Starring The Many Style Sides of You!!


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