Enjoy The Weekend-In Style

CannesFranceI have surfaced.  A seemingly easygoing day to return to my blog.                     #styleintegrity

It is a day many of you are packing, prepping, to open the door on the first ‘unofficial‘ day for summer.  Many others have escaped your closets in delight at the summer beach finds that both fit and add a sense of freedom from the layers of clothes that bridged us between seasons.

My weekend includes an evening boat ride, drinks & dinner by the waterfront, campfire & s’mores, and outdoor concerts.  The sights, tastes, colors and sensations are all leading to a smorgasbord of fun and laughter.


Let me get back to this seemingly easygoing day….

I have been reminded by congratulations on the anniversary of Style Integrity.

I started this blog to offer insight into understanding style as defined by artistry, design aesthetic, workmanship, and proper fit. The many apparel industry consulting projects, or gigs, as they have come to be defined now, allow me an up close and personal view of what truly goes into a properly made garment.

Then a surprising thing thing happened one day recently, which led to a series of surprisingly creative opportunities crossing my path to my delight and excitement.

These series of creative opportunities have set a new tone for this blog…and for my creative direction, overall.

I am a creative artist…a creative thinker, an innovator, looking to re-imagine clothing design. At the heart of it all I am a designer.  I forgot about that until the surprising day a few weeks ago, when I was offered an opportunity I just couldn’t let go.

Hint:  Saxby Design

The vision to inspire others to aspire to a life of integrity of style, in their clothes, in their lives, in their contributions to the world they live.  

I hope you tune in to see how I document my progress with the creative endeavors that have come knocking.  
Dali Museum, Cadeques, Spain (800x663)

Fun, Imagination & Creative Expression can be found in Style Integrity!


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