The Clothes You Spend Time With

CharlesJamesStyle“Who you spend time with is who you become.” (quote by Tony Robbins)   #styleintegrity

If you are like me, this quote made me pause, and ponder who I surround myself with.  Who am I spending my time with?

Those around us should challenge us, inspire us, share passions, make us happy, bring out the best in us!  Nothing less!

The same should be said about the clothes we wear.

Clothes speak for us.  They surround us.  Clothes can cause us to stand out…or to hide us.

How many of you could say ‘I could do better!’

All of you should say…“I could do better!”  Why?!  Because chances are most of the clothing you find today has some room for improvement!  Just as the opening quote states ‘who you spend time with is who you become-‘remember, how you wear clothing and what you wear tells us something about you…your style…your viewpoint.

I believe everyone has a signature style.  The importance of that style lies in how the clothing is constructed and fits.

Ready-to-Wear is meant for the masses.  Each of us is quite unique.  Understandably, something off the shelf/rack at a store, or online, cannot fully ‘surround‘ you with what it offers.

A designer succeeds in his/her creative ability to get your attention.  Now that the design got your attention it is time to ask for something more personal- for your own silhouette.

Remember not all size 8’s are created equal…nor all men’s size 40’s.

Time to re-imagine how clothes are offered for the unique you.  Are you up for a change!  I know I am!

Integrity in Style Must Surround You!


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