Style Integrity Inspired By Nature

Style & Beauty are found everywhere.  Nature provides the riches design inspiration.                     #styleintegrity

The color of leaves during the autumn.  Snow falling in a hush.  The waves lapping against the beach.  A sun rise or sunset. Fields of lavender in the South of France. The images below did exactly what the artist wanted me to, she made me feel.  Feel as if I was there among nature, wrapped in the colors, fibers and textures that surround us everyday.


13825_1016310965046011_5273556046339720933_nThese spectacular images from Russian artist, Liliya Hudyakova“Her Fashion & Nature photo series pairs accomplished fashion designer’s dresses and other pieces with the natural views that she imagines might have inspired them.”

20081_1016310781712696_6981909647281286800_n 1625476_1016311245045983_8014637358825682519_n 10012595_1016310995046008_4012727609251200719_n 10153073_1016311241712650_3235153365367442069_n 10177394_1016310818379359_890939284401676841_n 10313992_1016310851712689_4196270390440628331_n 10489641_1016311185045989_1348688563414746734_n 10534551_1016311138379327_6981556969371195268_n 11008597_1016311178379323_5833522492146812192_n 11020795_1016311061712668_956283457369401375_n 11026305_1016310881712686_702061199648465670_n 11029899_1016310961712678_7845104229637111436_n 11145907_1016311015046006_5940985643133980531_n 11202066_1016311105045997_2354025801262920672_n 11403108_1016311031712671_1386985150874867472_n 11403357_1016311085045999_4772283685328860901_n 11535672_1016310785046029_1348527044322776495_n


One thought on “Style Integrity Inspired By Nature

  1. Stunning! These designs and their natural inspirations make me appreciate both the couture and nature even more!

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