Style Found In Resort 2016 Floral Motif Design

Fresh Fashion…I found that in the designs of Andrew Gn’s Resort 2016 collection  #styleintegrity

Today’s post is all about feel good fashion.  Something different.  Something that got my attention.

I found several of the runway ensemble looks reminiscent of children tales, such as the children’s story of Heidi from Switzerland, or Hansel & Gretel, and even “The Sound of Music”, in some of the silhouettes colors and embroidered motifs.

Yet, I found the overall embroidered design collection done in tasteful silhouettes that appeal to many today.

Of course, knowing how I feel about appropriate fit and proportion of a garment design/details by the silhouette of the garment to the person wearing it…sure some of the lengths fell short .  Overall, the collection is enchanting!

Andrew Gn, Look #25

Andrew Gn Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Andrew Gn, Look #1

Style Integrity Can Be Found In Floral Color!


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