NYC Men’s Spring 2016 Fashion Week

The First EVER Men’s NYC Fashion Week kicked off last week to great fanfare!   #styleintegrity

A very big deal for we fashion industry professionals!

I launched my NYC career in Men’s Design long ago graduating top of the Men’s Design & Marketing(as it was known then) curriculum at Fashion Institute of Technology.  It began a forever soft spot in my heart for all things ‘Menswear‘….

The wonderful adventure of one-of-a-kind opportunities into the depths of men’s fashion throughout the decades found me misty-eyed at this significant NYC Fashion Week moment!

If you want to take a stroll through the runway collections, the Council of Fashion Designers of America has a very well done site of it’s coverage. Enjoy!

Below are a few NYC Menswear Fashion Week ensembles that have gotten my attention.  Is there a favorite for you?

Ralph Lauren Spring 2016 Menswear - Collection - Gallery -

Style Celebrates a First…At NYC Men’s Fashion Week!


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