Style Expressed In Framed Creativity

Strolling through the Fall 2015 Couture Fashion Designer collections,

I found myself giggling at the playfulness of  Viktor & Rolf’s collection.                       #styleintegrity

Each of their runway ensembles had women wearing printed garment variations of supposed framed works of art. 

Imaginative, Artistic & Theatrical…

Clicking through one ensemble after another my own play on phrases came to mind…

‘Women are all Priceless’ 

‘Walking Artistic Expressions’

‘Framed Couture Works of Art’

‘One-of-a-Kind Designs’

‘Theatrical Creative Expression’

‘Wearing Art on One’s Sleeve’

and so on….I am sure a few come to mind as you look at them.

Here are a few from the collection.  If you would like to see all the pieces check out. Viktor & Rolf Fall 2015 Couture .

Style Expression Can Be Playful!


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