Stylish Black & White Fashion

Black & White…Day & Night…Summer & Winter… Contrast.   #styleintegrity

Everyone lives with contrast.  It offers vitality, vibrancy and imagination.

Everyday choices provide contrast and even surprise where the day may take you.

My love for black & white came from the ascot scene in the musical production of “My Fair Lady.”

Admittedly, I participated in the high school production as both part of the choral ensemble and the costume design team.  The contrast of silhouettes, hats, fabrics, trims, textures fascinated me, remaining one of my favorite color combinations throughout the years.

Josie Natori, is a fashion designer who started as an investment banker.

Her roles, at first glance are quite a contrast.  Yet that is the fun for those of us who have contrast in our own careers.

If we are smart enough to listen to our heart, we can see our own contrast unfolding, leading to other surprising venues.


Below are Resort 2016 Collection pieces from Josie Natori along with Balenciaga, Kaufmanfranco, and Thakoon

All offer diverse contrast to the black & white theme.  I enjoy the unique contrast of each!

Josie Natori | Resort 2015 Collection |

Josie Natori Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Josie Natori Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Balenciaga Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -

Kaufmanfranco Resort 2016 - Collection - Gallery -


Style Integrity Celebrates Black & White Contrast!


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