Fall 2015 Style Issue

Vanity Fair Style IssueFor fashion magazines, the Fall/September issues are in some ways like opening presents under the Christmas tree.         #styleintegrity

Over the decades it is always one of anticipation.             

Admittedly, I rarely reach for fashion magazines as I once did.  

In seeking style, artistry, something exquisitely made, I turn to the WWD(Women’s Wear Daily) collections online and Pinterest where I can immerse myself in the seasonal designer collections that create design aesthetic.  

So it was with great surprise that Vanity Fair’s September 2015 drew me in.  

No, it was not Taylor Swift that got my attention.  Actually, it didn’t dawn on me that it was her until I pulled back the cover to turn to the inside pages.

The cover’s impact on this artist’s eye was the black & white theme, the tuxedo and the piano keyboard.  The cover layout emotionally captured my mind thinking of the first tuxedo I created for myself & my love of piano. 

I flipped open the cover and there greeting me were stunning Armani Prive pieces.  The textures, fabrics and garment silhouettes took my breath away!

I instantly pulled out my smartphone to find the same ensembles on Pinterest.  After several attempts to find the same pieces to add to this blog, I admitted defeat.  All I can recommend is should you pass a magazine stand, go look at the inside pages!

I found Vanity Fair’s featured ad pieces from Boss and Bottega Veneta also standouts to me.  The magazine stylist worked magic since the clothes fit the models perfectly.  You know how important proportion is to me!

So, when I again turned to Pinterest for the images I did find the same runway design pieces.  Yet, should you glance at the actual Vanity Fair magazine, you will see why at first I did not think they were the same.  

Making the right impression means style must proportionally fit the person wearing the look!

The right model proportion makes a huge difference for the intended designer’s look.  When I had first looked at the Fall 2015 runway collections months ago, I passed over these images because the design got lost by how the clothes fit the models.

Boss Fall 2015

Boss Fall 2015 RTW Runway – Vogue

Bottega Veneta Fall 2015

#BottegaVeneta Women's Fall-Winter 2015/2016

So to all my readers as you begin to prepare your fall wardrobe, remember….

Style Integrity Can Be Found Just Inside The Cover Pages!


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