September Signals A New Chapter

She Always Wears BlackOut with the old…In with the new.  

September is the signal to a new chapter of experiences, activities, and endeavors.            #styleintegrity

The common thread is ‘All About the Change.

There is a different view point when the dawn of the day arrives later….the morning coolness adds a crisp attention to the air.

Labor Day signals the official last day of summer (& my birthday, since they generally fall together!)


In my first act of seasonal change, I have bid adieu to my black & white purse lined in lively green, fun & disposable.  It is replaced by an intelligent, timeless black bag-that travels everywhere

My Casauri bag, pictured with the stripe purse below,  has been a constant traveling companion of mine; easily twenty plus years.  At first glance, there is surprise. Afterall, it is brown with colorful stripes, not black!  Why would the woman who always wear black, carry her travel companion for decades, in the very color she would never wear! 

Purse change (800x542)

Because…this beauty is timeless, well made, functional while good looking, easy to handle/travel with, ready in a moment’s notice, and it was intelligently designed.  Many laptops have traveled with me over the decades.  Every one of them fit impeccably in my Casauri case.

So why the lengthy story on a laptop case, a constant traveling companion through my many experiences….because I recently noticed the years of airports, conference rooms, and typical wear a business travel lifestyle takes, have left signs of wear on this well made accessory.  

As I ran my hand along the worn spots, I remembered fondly the multitudes of experiences, travels, cultures and adventures, and thought….              September Signals A New Chapter.

There is a time and place for each new chapter.  Like this well made beauty, a year wiser, more alluring, time to take a signal from my Casauri bag, I think it is time to change things up, look at all things re-imagined!

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun.”             

quote by Albert Einstein

Style Integrity…Time to Re-Imagine.


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