New York Fashion Week Begins Today

NYFW logoWhat could be more exciting than the September NYC Fashion Week!  It is here today!                  #styleintegrity

I have provided a link to the New York Fashion Week Live schedule.

 Tune in anytime to find out what your favorite designer has created from his/her seasonal inspirations!   

For me, Fashion Week collection shows meant fun, entertainment, theatrics, and yes…clothing.  I remember sitting in the audience for more than a few shows when I was working at Ralph Lauren Men’s Design.  

The excitement, the anticipation… 

Nothing was more thrilling than seeing the designer’s name appear on the stage backdrop as the lights came up and the music surged!  The first notes gave you a taste of the ‘story’ tempo.  Then the models began their strut along the catwalk and you were mesmerized by the designer’s story!

That was the 1990’s.  A very different time.  Everything was a surprise…no leaks, no advance social media.  We were so excited to see what the designer would show.

New York Times recently published “When Fashion Shows Were Fun.”  It sent me down memory lane.  I hope you all take time to read the story to peek into the world of fashion then.  As the song lyric goes “I had the time of my life!”

Style Integrity…Having The Time Of Our Lives!


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