About Kathleen Saxby

I hold clothing to high standards.

It’s my business, it’s my passion.

This blog offers an apparel product development expert’s perspective in fashion, integrity, quality, fit and style.


  • To share insight, experiences and observations to bridge my expertise between the consumer and apparel industry, highlighting basics of apparel product development.
  • Where we are in fashion today, where we could be and maybe even where we should be…..And why it is so hard to find something to fit.


Decades working in the apparel fashion industry have offered a front row seat behind the scenes in what works.

Kathleen’s behind the scenes involvement is in …

Apparel design, product development, technical design and technologies.

  • She is known for her integrity and commitment to quality products, people and service as an apparel industry Subject Matter Expert(SME).
  • The opportunities afford her to work with some of the most recognizable men’s and women’s apparel and footwear labels today.
  • One-on-one with consumer clients in retail and fit/style advisory roles gives a firsthand look if ‘we’(the industry) are doing it right.


Kathleen Saxby, New York City based, has more than three decades in the fashion apparel industry.

Maintaining roles in design/product development and technical design/fit for labels that include: Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Liz Claiborne, The Limited, David’s Bridal, Ann Taylor, Loft, Chico’s, DKNY, Casual Male, as well as Delta/Northwest and Jet Blue airlines to name a few.

Her Men’s Design & Marketing degree at Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, led to successful opportunities in both men’s and women’s apparel companies.

Kathleen chooses to lend her voice and expertise, whether lectures at universities or professional associations, mentoring students in entering the fashion industry, or advising apparel start-up companies on establishing their target market, sizes, and overall product development procedures.

She is always in pursuit of integrity in style, workmanship, silhouettes, details, and fit. In order to keep the passion, skill, talent and expertise effective/properly trained, ultimately means a stronger fashion industry and a loyal customer.


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